I will post the discography of Aikawa Nanase again because I had not realized that all the albums I posted were in a low quality, 128 Kbps, so I will post new links.

Takako Mamiya (間宮貴子)

Love Trip
Release: 1982.xx.xx
Bitrate: 320 / Lossless
Format: mp3 / flac

1. Love Trip
2. Chinese Restaurant
3. 真夜中のジョーク
4. 哀しみは夜の向こう
5. All Or Nothing
6. 渚でダンス
7. One More Night
8. Morning Flight
9. たそがれは銀箔の…
10. What A Broken Heart Can Do

MP3: MG | SF | 4S | MF
FLAC: Part 1 | Part 2


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